About Lab2Client

Lab2Client is a revolutionary web platform designed to address the challenges faced by university professors and graduate students when conducting experimental tests. Our mission is to connect researchers with available lab space and equipment, making the process of conducting experiments more efficient, accessible, and collaborative.

Out mission: At Lab2Client, we understand the importance of hands-on experimentation in the academic and scientific community. We recognize that finding suitable lab space and equipment can often be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That's why we have created a user-friendly platform that simplifies the search and connection between researchers and lab resources.


Key Features of Lab2Client

Comprehensive Lab Database

Our platform hosts an extensive database of available lab spaces and equipment, allowing researchers to search and filter based on their specific requirements.

Advanced Search Functionality

We have developed powerful search algorithms that enable researchers to quickly find the lab space and equipment they need.

Seamless Booking and Communication

Lab2Client facilitates easy and efficient communication between researchers and lab owners.

Collaborative Environment

Lab2Client encourages researchers to share their expertise, knowledge, and experiences through our platform.

Verified and Trusted Lab Partners

Lab2Client ensures the credibility and reliability of lab partners through a robust verification process.

Meet the Team

The engineers and designers behind Lab2Client

Aref Soltani
Co-founder & CEO

Aref started his journey as a Mechanical Engineering master's student at York University, where the idea for L2C was born. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to participate in programs like Lab2Market and i2I before starting L2C.

Dr. Reza Rizvi
Co-founder & Business Development Manager

Reza is the Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at York University. He plays a vital role in fostering the company's partnership growth and expansion.

Idrak Islam
Lead Software Engineer

Idrak is a second-year computer science student at York University. He handles the lead development and Software architecture for Lab2Client. Idrak joined Lab2Client as a Summer co-op student and now works on the project actively.

Hamza Sohail
Backend Engineer

Hamza is a third-year software engineering student at York University. He handles the backend development of Lab2Client. Hamza joined Lab2Client as a Summer co-op student and now works on the project actively.

Syed Abdul Wadood
Backend Engineer

Syed has been working as a backend engineer at Lab2Client. He is in his final year of the computer engineering program at TMU. Prior to Lab2Client, Syed interned at 2 startups in Toronto.

Peter Pulcini
Front End Developer

Peter is a third-year computer science student at TMU. He works as a front-end developer at Lab2Client. This co-op term, he's eager to learn as much as possible.

Curtis Dizon
UX/UI Designer

Curtis oversees the UX/UI design at Lab2Client. He is in his final year of the business program at TMU. Prior to Lab2Client, Curtis Interned at CIBC and CGI for UX Design.


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